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Name: Alaya Erianthe
House/Year: Slytherin/Year Six

Looks: Alaya is classically-featured. Her hair is long, straight, and thick, falling to her mid-back, and is a very dark brown. Her nose small and unremarkable, her lips a little too thin. She is petite and small-boned, standing at only five feet and three inches, but she is self-possessed and has a slight grace around her, which can be easily overpowered by some of her more energetic friends. Her eyes are a stunning aquamarine blue. She favors very dramatic makeup. (which Narcissa often 'borrows'.)

Personality: With a personality to match her lazy, aquiline grace, Alaya is soft-spoken and careful, sometimes mistaken by strangers as timid. Those who know her from school are very aware that this is not the case. While her facade around family friends and guests is demure and neat, stunningly indifferent, Alaya is very much a predator in nature. She casts away both 'good' and 'evil' ideals and settles for neutral, choosing to manipulate events as she so wishes. She has little patience for balls, dresses, and suitors, but puts up with such things as necessary, knowin that, eventually, she will come into her rightful power. Alaya tends to be very defensive, but only inwardly so. Outwardly she is rather indifferent.

Family: Alaya's family lineage is as twisted as a serpent's coils. She seperates herself from them as much as humanly possible.
Her mother, Catherine, is a stunningly beautiful Muggle originally of middle-class descent. Her black curls and dark eyes were seemingly enough to capture the attention of Alaya's father, Milo, and blind him to the fact that she was about as magical as a toothpick. This has led to much grief for their three children; the youngest, sixteen-year-old Alaya, twenty-year-old Lander and twenty-six year old Letha, who inherited her mother's bewitching beauty.
Lander is a respectable banker at Gringrotts, while Letha trails across the world on more excitable business. Alaya is forced to retreat yearly, for the summer holidays, to her parents' crumbling stone mansion outside London. Their undeniable wealth seems to be enough for her father to still garner respect in many wizarding circles, despite the fact that he married a Muggle, albeit a pretty one.

Boys: Alaya has little patience for romance and even less for the immature specimens of the male gender that haunt her school. While many of her female counterparts waste their time goggling and swooning, Alaya coolly drifts through the halls, no one entirely remarkable enough to catch her attention.

School: Alaya is appropriately intelligent, with a gift for charms and an inborn talent for illusions. Her typical 'street smarts' and cunning surpass her book smarts, but she passes every class with a respectable grade and is especially gifted in potions. She struggles with anything that concerns a broomstick and the more complicated subjects, like Arithmancy.

Friends: Narcissa is Alaya's closest friend, despite the fact that she is a half-blood. She has scattered friends among Slytherin and even a handful in Ravenclaw though she, like most Slytherins, prefers to stick to her own house. Pride (and an invisible taboo) prevents her from befriending Hufflepuffs and Gryffindors.